July 15th, 2021

Bennett Event Center
Oklahoma State Fairgrounds

Event Details

Who: IT Professionals, Architects, and Technology Consultants

When: Thursday,  July 15th, 2021

Where: The Oklahoma State Fairgrounds – Bennett Event Center, 3101 Gordon Cooper Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

What: Wireless Oklahoma is an annual interactive bake-off for IT Professionals, Architects, and Consultants to see live product demonstration and testing of latest hardware and software used to build enterprise class wireless networks from the top manufacturers and developers.

On July 15th, we will turn the Oklahoma State Fair’s Bennett Event Center into a 200,000 sq ft network testing lab for 20 vendors.  Using Keysight’s Chariot and Hawkeye products, we will provide real time testing and performance data for attendees to see and experience for themselves.  

The Art of the 10 Minute Demonstration: Each Vendor will prepare up to 3 – 10 minutes demonstrations for the product or management systems that they have set up.  Instead of a comprehensive overview of the product, these demonstrations will focus on just the key features, hooks or differentiators that make their product special.  The Vendors will run the demonstrations simultaneously with a 10 minute break in between for questions or to schedule a follow-up meeting for a deep dive into the product.  A matrix schedule will be provided showing each vendors rotation.

Eligible Vendor Technologies: Vendors presenting technologies at Wireless Oklahoma will provision a way for attendees to connect, interact and test their product in at least one of the following categories.   

  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Outdoor Multipoint Wireless
  • In-building Wireless – 5G/LTE/DAS/Public Safety/Private-LTE
  • Switching and SD Lan
  • Network Management, Visibility and Security
  • Firewalls, IPS, IDS
  • Remote Branch Connectivity

Product Performance Testing
Wireless Oklahoma will work in partnership with each vendor to perform a set of consistent and repeatable tests that accurately represent the performance of the hardware.  The results will be made available on the Wireless Oklahoma website along with any notes on what configuration parameters were used to achieve them.

Performance Testing Categories

  • Wi-Fi 6 (Maximum performance benchmarks to be tested prior to the event in a low RF environment in collaboration with each manufacturer to ensure optimal configurations and integrity of the results)
  • Outdoor Wireless Multipoint
  • Remote Branch Connectivity and SD-Wan
  • Firewall/IPS/IDS
  • Switches
Event Day Performance Testing
  • Each Wi-Fi manufacturer will setup an SSID under their brand using pre-assigned a 5GHz only channel plan to provide the events Wi-Fi Broadband connectivity.
  • The Bennett Arena’s 95 AP’s will be turned off except for ticket scanning on 2.4Ghz and to fill any internet coverage gaps.
  • A probe will be deployed on each network that will provide performance visibility during the event.
  • At preset times, a flash mob of event attendees will associate to the network and begin passing traffic while the probe continues to test and display bandwidth and MOS scores.

Advisory Panel: An advisory panel of Oklahoma based IT Professionals will be selected to guide the content and relevancy of the show year over year.

Judging Panel:  All attendees will have the option to participate in our Judging Panel and provide real time feedback and results on the products and demonstrations they see at the event.  (Application login required)


  • Best Vendor Demonstration as voted by the judging panel
  • Fastest Attendee Laptop Benchmark Score (pending sponsor)
  • Fastest Attendee Cable Termination
  • Fastest 2 Person Team on a 12 Cable Install, Label, and Test (alpha trial, RFIP Internal Only this year)

Attendee Tickets – $50

100% of net ticket sales (minus sales tax and ticket vendor processing fees) will be donated to our Community and Education Partners.  In addition, RFIP will provide a matching donation for an amount equal to net ticket sales.  Ticket price waivers will be made available to employees of Schools, State, Local Gov’t and those impacted by Covid-19.

Safety: An updated Covid-19 protocol will be established prior to the event.  Current state restrictions call for a 25% capacity limit (2,900) and facial coverings for all attendees.

Fundraising Goal: $50,000

Wireless Oklahoma powered by RFIP,Inc.

As hosts, this is our chance to create an environment for all who come to gain knowledge and value.  As to such, all RFIP Event staff will be branded Wireless Oklahoma and focused on providing a premium experience for our guests and vendors.

Community Partners

United Way

KIPP Oklahoma 
College Prep 

Manufacturers and Sponsors

Advisory Committee Members

Jason Eddy
OKC Fairgrounds 
Vice President of Information Technology 

Tim Gruen
Resound Networks
Manager Network Engineering

Eric Hileman
Oklahoma City Public Schools
Executive Director, IT Services

To be a part of Wireless Oklahoma and to be notified when tickets go on sale, please provide the following information:
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