Network Design

Keeping you connected inside, outside, and around your building.

Indoor Wireless Network Design

Whatever your needs are, our team can design, build, and support indoor wireless networks throughout buildings of any size, with security, expertise, and the best software and tools. Our wireless design engineers are iBwave certified and are qualified to:

  • Model Wi-Fi6, In-Building 5G/LTE, Private LTE, CBRS, Public Safety DAS, and small-cell networks for existing or proposed installations to ensure your project’s success.
  • Identify risks including co-channel interference, intermodulation between technologies, spectrum and resource efficiency, and any other potential obstacles to an exceptional experience for your users.
  • Meet and exceed your performance requirements in the most efficient way by utilizing our Iterative Design Process.
  • Accomplish higher performance with less hardware and provide enough savings from shared infrastructure to more than cover our design fees.

Outdoor Wireless Network Design

This really is our catch all. From municipal Wi-Fi to oil and gas fields to utility coverage areas, we have a solution that utilizes CBRS, Private LTE, IOT, Mesh, Microwave, and/or Multipoint Wireless. Based on scale, location, and complexity, we offer customized solutions that overcome your unique challenges, providing portal  access to real-time daily progress, check gates for your approval on key items, and weekly executive summaries. Our deployments lay the solid foundation that cultivates your vision. We are veterans of building stacks of reliable and resilient solutions, one brick at a time.

Active and Passive Site Surveys

A site survey is the foundation for your IT plan. It’s what defines the amount, the placement, and the configuration of the access points for your business, based on your office environment.

Each business is different, that’s why you need a well-executed site survey to identify and map out the best Wi-Fi solutions for you, considering your infrastructure, furniture, wall materials, open floor spaces, large surfaces, among others.

At RFIP we provide active and passive site surveys to check if the conditions are good for distributing wireless signals that suit your needs, or suggest adaptations and customized solutions, using appropriate equipment.

Our active and passive site surveys may last from a few hours to several days, depending on the surface to be analyzed. Contact us to learn more.

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From design to installation, and configuration to maintenance, RFIP has the right solution for you. RFIP is an expert in large-scale wireless networking infrastructure. We design, build, and support your infrastructures from start to finish. Contact us today to find out more.

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