Case Studies

RFIP can make communication work across all platforms and industries.

The Buddy Holly Hall

The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences prides itself on being a unique, state-of-the-art venue, and it required a WiFi network that could handle the complexity of the dual-theater facility.

“The lighting, the building management system with five chillers and two boilers, our VOIP phones—they are all managed through the network,” said Tim Lee, the Operations Manager at Buddy Holly Hall. “Everything needs an IP address to function.”

The venue needed to find a partner to build a solid network infrastructure to support all of their technology needs.


Hallett Motor Racing Circuit

The Hallett Racing Circuit based in Jennings, Oklahoma needed to match the speed and performance experienced on their racetrack to their Wi-Fi network. Hallett went to RFIP to design and build a network that would support connectivity for large and small events. The network supports the Hallett Race Shop, which is used to build and maintain cars, and the Hallett Race School is connected to educate drivers.

Hallett’s previous network needed an upgrade. It was comprised of a few consumer-grade Wi-Fi access points (AP) that provided sporadic connectivity for employees. The coverage reached near a few of the racetrack’s buildings. An older point-to-multipoint system which provided connectivity to the fuel pumps had long since failed due to installation issues.


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