5 Reasons Why a Turnkey Solution Benefits Your Installation

cellular tower to illustrate turnkey solution
September 14, 2022

You’re considering upgrading your facility. You want a new, modernized wireless network installation that’s a first-class design and works perfectly. The trouble is, there are about a hundred suppliers out there. And worse, they all claim to be best at their bit of the process. It’s time to think about a turnkey solution!

Why? You can’t afford to make a mistake in the procurement process because a successful project is critical to your business growth.

So, what does a turnkey solution entail? In this post we’ll explain how it

  • eliminates all those other players from the game and also
  • benefits your business in five ways.

Let’s look how.

What is a Turnkey Installation?

The short answer is that, in a turnkey installation, everything gets decided in one place, with a single supplier answerable for the outcome!

The longer answer is this. Your finished project will be completely ready to go – all you need to do is turn the key. In reality, it’s a process, of course: A turnkey solution offers you a full service that involves

  • analyzing your needs,
  • designing the solution to exactly meet them,
  • custom manufacturing and overseeing compliance along the way for all ordered parts,
  • installation of the system to your satisfaction and to a high standard with all checks done, and
  • after-services – to ensure nothing goes amiss.

So – let’s move on to consider the advantages of a turnkey solution from a single, reliable source.

Benefits of Using a Turnkey solution

Whether you’re wanting structured cabling, in-building cellular, outdoor wireless, or cell tower construction – or all of these solutions! – the points we made above about what a full-service offering looks like will offer you the following benefits.

1 Seamless Continuity to Avoid Errors

Having to communicate with multiple suppliers for the same project eats into your business time, resources, and energy – and inevitably prolongs the project timeline. Not only does it take you away from your main daily business concerns but also means you’re communicating more than you need to about things that should have been agreed once at source.

Lots of communication with different suppliers leads to mis-steps along the way. It’s inevitable – but you’re wanting a first-class solution, not errors.

Besides the communication issue, with large-scale wireless network infrastructure, it makes sense if each part of the project is carried out by the firm that did the previous bit. There are too many areas in an infrastructure project that need one team to have an understanding of both the previous and following phases.

For example, designing according to your requirements, carrying out the installation of that design, and then maintaining it forms a logical sequence where the same team will have the benefit of knowing your whole project thoroughly.

This continuity of one team’s expertise and knowledge also makes it easier for the project manager or supervisor to be sure everything goes how it should go.

A turnkey solution, therefore, allows you to have the peace of mind with a single contact point who’s responsible and accountable for everything going on behind the scenes and in total control of a seamless installation.

2 Integrated Planning and Execution to Avoid Errors and Delays

For most projects the measure of success is how well it’s executed. Is it exactly as you planned? Or at least adjusted in a way your both agreed? Is it working as you envisaged?

When you consult and coordinate with just one company throughout, you also eliminate

  • pitfalls that can happen between a variety of single specialists
  • considerations about who to contact at any point
  • timelines stretching further than planned and disrupting your business
  • finding missing details after the installation is supposedly complete

You can trust your turnkey installer to execute your vision and manage the plan according to the project phases – within in your agreed timeline. This gives you a faster and smoother process and improved final results.

3 Consistent Quality to Maintain Flexibility for Future

It’s easier to take care of the errors that inevitably happen at any stage of even a turnkey solution! If you have one company handling everything from beginning to end, you may never even hear of minor happenings – they’re caught and dealt with straight away!

That’s because someone always has their eye on the ball. This ensures the quality remains consistent as there are no cover-ups of other people’s errors.

For example, if one company is in charge of designing and analysis but another in charge of implementation, you can end up with inferior quality in some important parts of the installation. That’s because the implementers have to abide by the quality standard determined by the designers – who may have miscalculated something in the analysis phase.

Moreover, not all contractors will provide the same quality and value for money, and adhere to regulations in exactly the best way. A turnkey solution is wise if you want to be sure of the end quality.

4 Affordability Allows For Business Improvements

Costs are huge when undertaking a large project such as designing structured cabling, installing wireless networks, etc. You need to control your investment to best advantage, especially in these difficult economic times when you must innovate to grow but also need to contain costs.

Using a turnkey installation service will save money and time. That’s because you can eliminate the hidden costs and financial inefficiencies that arise when dealing with several companies at once.

Having one company handle the entire project means you know your costs are as low as reasonable, despite it being a large undertaking.

5 Training and Management to Ensure Best Use

The handover after finishing the project is much easier with a turnkey solution. A good turnkey company will provide your staff with the training they need to effectively use the system you deployed!

In addition, they’re responsible for maintaining every aspect of your wireless network, which makes it easier to focus on your business day to day.

We Can Help You With the Turnkey Solution You Need

At RFIP, we’re proud to be a single source that offers turnkey, custom solutions for our clients’ present and future needs. We design, build, and support your infrastructures from start to finish, and from the simplest to the most complex and challenging ones, with the highest quality and safety standards. Contact us to get started!

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We show you how a turnkey solution eliminates the problem of too many suppliers causing errors along the way – and 5 ways it also benefits your business!

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