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Safe, Secure and Reliable

The oil and gas industry requires a variety of solutions from remote sites, to monitoring and controlling in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions, and includes…

  • Pipelines
  • Wellheads
  • Refineries

SCADA technology, short for “supervisory control and data acquisition,” is designed for industrial applications in which remote sites can be monitored or complex systems ranging over large areas can be monitored and controlled from a central location.

RFIP specializes in wireless data acquisition and control systems for oil and gas systems, providing reliable, cost-effective and high-capacity systems required for supervision and control of oil and gas communications networks, supporting…

  • Multiple, remote sites
  • Safety and security systems
  • Communications and diagnostic systems
  • Field connectivity
  • High-speed wireless communications
  • Video/security surveillance
  • Full SCADA technology

When you require efficient, secure and reliable monitoring, control and communications, contact RFIP to see the latest technology to support your system today.

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Deploying High Density Wi-Fi solutions in a stadium or arena poses a great challenge but delivering a crowd-pleasing guest experience is a must! The mass number of users and variety of devices, as well as the physical layout of venues, both indoors and outdoors, requires a detailed assessment of the specific needs of each venue.

RFIP’s team of highly trained technicians and project managers conduct a comprehensive site analysis based on proven best practices to address the RF Requirements and look for device interference during events.

For service providers and venue owners, RFIP builds Wi-Fi networks capable of offloading wireless traffic from 3G/4G LTE networks and can support thousands of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices with no performance issues.

From understanding the challenges of mounting access points in a stadium environment to understanding the capacity and capabilities of existing wired and wireless networks, let our team of experts walk you through the process, the complexities and the best solutions for your venue.

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Smart Solutions in Generation, Transmission and Distribution, For all utilities – electric, gas, water & wastewater

Utilities deliver critical services – and reliable, cost-efficient delivery depends upon smart grid systems, which includes…

  • Lower costs to operate
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced customer complaints

Smart systems embed intelligent devices in substations, data center and distribution systems to enable automated metering infrastructure (AMI), control and management of complex and far reaching utility systems.

RFIP delivers the most current and reliable smart grid systems including…

  • High-speed wireless broadband access
  • Intelligent devices in the system to monitor and report
  • Control software in substations and data centers
  • Outage management
  • Automatic load management
  • Minimize field personnel
  • Improved customer satisfaction

And more…

Contact RFIP today to see how we can help you with efficient, reliable and smart wireless systems for your utility needs.

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We’re here to help you

Your enterprise is unique and its specific needs and requirements vary based on scale, location, complexity and other factors. RFIP specializes in creating solutions specific to your needs.

Services we offer

  • Microwave Radio
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi
  • Point to Multipoint

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The cable infrastructure is a major component of your network and its reliability.
We provide complete solutions for:
• CAT-5E, CAT-6, CAT-6A, LAN/WAN, Fiber Optic/Copper backbone and wireless network support
• ISP AND OSP cable networks
• Multi-site project management

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Open Architecture, IP based, Systems approach to CCTV and Access control Solutions.

RFIP Security believes in a open architecture approach when it comes to selecting technology partners. Allowing our customers to select a platform which guarantees flexibility for future technologies without replacing all of their existing infrastructure. We have been factory certified on all major lines and bring a level of expertise in each product line which is unmatched. Our philosophy is simple, we choose to represent manufacturers that are the best in the industry and have the same open architecture philosophy!

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